"Humans do not create ecosystems, however, they can design the conditions under which ecosystems can emerge and thrive."


Jyoti Deshpande
Permaculture Designer, Consultant & Mentor

A commerce graduate from Mumbai University and with almost two decades of business experience, I am formally trained to be a Permaculture Designer and a consultant by Rico ZookJeremiah KiddSteve McGrane, Clea Chandmal, Dwarkanath, and Geoff Lawton.

After completing the first Permaculture Design Certificate Course, I started learning by working hands-on in India and abroad by volunteering at farms and gardens. Armed with formal training and work experience I went on to work on Chaitraban, our small homestead, to retrofit it to a Regenerative Permaculture Design.

It has been an amazing learning experience to complete the Permaculture Teacher’s Training with Jude Hobbs and Rico Zook in 2017.

My teachers & inspirations 

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17th Permaculture Design Course

13th Nov 2021 - 29th Nov 2021

Mineral Springs, Darjeeling



June 2021 - September 2021

(Saturdays only)

Pune City

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205, New Udyog Mandir no.2, 2nd Floor, Mogul lane, Mahim West, Mumbai 400016.

Aatman bungalow, 108 Priyanka park, Shrinath nagar Lane no.4, Near Laukik Residency, Baner, Pune 411045.

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Special thanks to my permaculture teachers, Rico Zook, Jeremiah Kidd, Steve McGrane, Tom Kendall, Clea Chandmal, Dwarkanath, Naarsanna, Jude Hobbs and Geoff Lawton for the knowledge and inspiration.

I am extremely lucky to have, as my parents, Prakash and Rekha, who taught me it was okay to dream big and made me confident enough to shoulder the responsibilities that come packaged with independence and freedom.

I am forever indebted to my husband, Hemank, for being a pillar of strength and love, supporting all my (crazy) adventures in life by taking on my share of responsibilities on the home front as well as at work. Also, without the support (and patience) of our two lovely children, Anahita and Anirved and of my mother-in-law, Kalpana, nothing of this would have been possible.
All the photo credits for my blogs go to my well wishers and friends especially, my dear friend and photographer, Sachin Deodhar.

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