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A Garden for the Lad Family

They had a pretty bungalow in a quaint town in Gujarat and wanted to build an edible garden in the adjoining plot they had reserved for a garden. Very much involved with the whole design process, Himanshu and Pinal carefully filled in the preliminary questionnaire and while the space was being designed on paper, they deligently went on to start getting the site ready, with online suggestions that were being sent through out.


“I want smiling sunflowers all year long!” exclaimed the beautiful daughter of Dr. Himanshu and Pinal Lad. “And I want birds and butterflies, maybe, even a puppy!” the second daughter wanted to add to the preliminary questionnaire that the couple started to fill in, as the first step towards building their dream garden. The children would be very much a part of the process since they would be regulars in the garden that the family envisioned together.

Here goes the journey...
The site was evened out
The After Story

The Lad family continues to build their dream home…

The pond is ready, the soil is fragrant and waiting for the first rain and Mother Nature smiles warmly every morning at the garden so lovingly built, starting to build a home for all Her children who will make it their home.

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