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Are you future-ready?

Permaculture design is not only landscape design…it includes building a human habitat which is regenerative and is built to also take care of other elements in Nature. To be able to do so, a whole-systems approach is necessary. One needs to be aware of not only what is going on around us, but knowing what is happening in other parts of the world is also important. This largely helps to know what to expect in the future and for us to be able to design our way forward to make a positive difference on our planet!

We all, not only as Permaculture designers, but as human beings, need to be…future-ready.

It is my passion to learn. This is an attempt to share what I think has helped me or is helping me to do what I do and how I do anything at work today…

I will keep adding as I learn. Please feel free to share with me, anything interesting and relevant to design (design of anything, including life!) that you think is helpful to be future-ready. I will be happy to add it to the list to share it with all.


      Key-words to browse

  • Critical thinking – global digital citizens foundation

  • Lateral thinking

  • Biomimicry

  • Big history project

  • Dr. Gerald Pollack – water

  • Green chemistry movement

  • Ecological economies

  • Holacracy


      Links on the web



  • The Permaculture City – Hemenway

  • Beyond Civilization : Humanity’s Next Great Adventure – Daniel Quinn

  • Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari

  • Principles : life and work – Ray Dalio

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