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Originally built as a weekend home for our typical urban family, now, is a thriving permaculture homestead being retrofitted to a sustainable permaculture design. The main permaculture elements on-site include water harvesting features, animal integrated growing systems, and design of nutrient management and maintenance as per permaculture zones, among other elements.

Chaitraban serves as a demonstration model to see how regenerative systems work and how a permaculture design can convert an eroded landscape into a thriving ecosystem.  It continues to be an experiment ground, while being a place of peace and tranquillity for the stewards of the land and for people who wish to be amidst nature.

It serves as a learning ground, a venue for students who wish to learn permaculture and it aims to host courses related to nature and sustainability.

We welcome visitors who come to see the systems in place and learn. They come from all walks of life and are doctors, IT professionals, artists, students, businessmen…the list doesn’t end. Since there is no age limit to learn, the youngest visitor we have has been a toddler and the oldest 82!

For more information about Chaitraban and to know how you can visit, explore the website of Chaitraban, here.

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