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While any good landscape design aims to create a functional and aesthetically beautiful environment, a Permaculture design thinks beyond a specific site. It aims to create relationships that will not only sustain the design but will make the landscape regenerative.

This results in a win-win situation where the landscape provides all that is required by the clients, while at the same time, takes care of all the creatures borne by Mother Earth.

Permaculture design also can be applied to many situations beyond landscape garden design. Be it an invisible structure, a business or to design one’s life journey.


Bill Mollinson’s Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual Cover Picture.

The great oval of the design represents the egg of life; that quantity of life which cannot be created or destroyed, but from within which all things that live are expressed. Within the egg is coiled the rainbow snake, the Earth-shaper of Australian and American aboriginal people.


This involves visit to a site on a pre-booked date and providing consultancy on site. Fees is generally charged @ per day (6 hours in the day). A client can expect a site visit report in a week after visit.

This report includes, in usual cases, a site assessment report and recommendations of design elements on site as discussed on site on the day of the visit. Many times sketches and references are included to better explain the concepts mentioned in the report.

Site Assessment

A concept design is a broad outline and articulation of the function and form of the landscape.

A client is offered on-site advice and recommendations along with a written report. This report of such a consult would include two components

Graphic components

These include the mainframe design of the landscape, a design of the connections and relationships between the elements of the system so designed, various overlays as per the specific requirement of the client and the project. This report can also include the planting guide and various sketches to explain the concepts in the written report.

Please note that these designs, when relevant to landscapes, will not be to scale. However, special assistance and support can be requested to coordinate with a graphic designer if hired by the client.

Though these designs are not to-scale, all the important ideas and concepts are delivered in this stage of design. A client can easily start implementation if does not wish to hire a professional graphic designer.

Written components

These include the site assessment, a write up to support the graphic work, relevant links and articles from other sources including those published on my blogs. A report, in usual cases includes advice on water management and nutrition management on site. The report also includes recommendations for the implementation of design phase-wise.

The design process

(this is adjusted to the unique needs of each project)

The Permaculture design process is not only about the site, but it is also about the clients, the connection between them, the relationships established or needed to be established in the system so designed. At the same time it is also about the relationship between the site and the elements and factors outside the site boundary. Such relationships and connections are designed by keeping in mind the strengths and challenges of the site as well as of the clients as stewards of the site.

Next, a detailed site assessment is made after a visit to the site and a preliminary concept design is rendered.

After site assessment and discussing a preliminary concept design with the client, a working design is rendered. This is accompanied by an extensive written report with overlays like a sector map, a permaculture zone map, a planting guide etc. as appropriate to a specific project, site and client.

concept design consultancy
dsc_0120 (1).jpg
concept dc

The above services prove to be valuable also for a site which is already designed and/or for the site where a design is implemented.

In such cases, the clients seek a consult if they wish for a more functional design or if they wish to have a sustainable landscape which is the mark of a Permaculture design.

Retrofit Design

In all levels of consultancies, online support is always offered to the client and in most cases, the client is guided through the journey by hand-holding him/her through the implementation process.

If the clients wish to hire a professional to implement the design, we have capable associates who we regularly work with, and who can assist them.

Please feel free to contact us with your specific requirements. 

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