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“Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.”
- Eric Parsloe
The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring
"Teaching is a lie! This is a Japanese saying. Teachers do not ‘teach’, they facilitate ‘learning’ by the students."
mentoring & facilitation

  • If you would like to know about my forthcoming PDC courses or other workshops, keep tuned in or simply send an email.

  • If you have completed a PDC and need a bit of support for your design, or just about anything else in your Permaculture journey, I am happy to guide you through.

  • If you would like to explore Permaculture in a one-to-one environment as per your interests and needs, I am happy to mentor you in your learning journey.

  • Are you passionate about anything in particular in the vast sea that is Permaculture, I will be glad to share my knowledge in that area, and/or then, refer to one of my associates or colleagues who specialised in that field.

  • Do you want to host a workshop for a special audience? I will be glad to facilitate learning of the participants. Sessions can be planned suited to the audience so that optimum knowledge can be exchanged in the workshop.

  • Do you want to design a Permaculture curriculum and would like me to guide you, drop me a line and we will work it out.

Sessions for the above can also be conducted in my office in Mumbai or with pre-arrangement, at a venue of mutual convenience.

I enjoy this connection where I can pass on all that I have learnt, experienced or am learning in a supportive environment.

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