Consult for choosing between properties

If you are at this stage, you could already be at an advantage. This is because, if you were already established in to a property and simply wanted to improve the property by using permaculture design – it could be done, but instead of finding a property that would fit your dreams, you would have had to fit your dreams to the property.

So, now, you are looking for a property to build your permaculture paradise and have multiple options and need help to choose. Professional consult can go a long way to select the right one, saving on a lot of time, money and effort. This can be worked out in multiple ways.

site visits to choose a site

A site visit can be a one-day site visit to choose between sites in one locality, or can be for more than one day if the  sites are in different locations.
In this case, a consultation fees is charged per day plus the reimbursement of travelling expenses.
The report for such site visits will be unique in each situation, but the client will be given an idea about what to expect, before the site visit.

This is generally accompanied by a site visit. If so, fees is not charged for the consult which can be up to an hour. However, a full advance fee at such a meeting, for the site visit (at a mutually decided date and time) is appreciated.

In rare cases when there is no need for a site visit, consultation fees is expected for a pre-booked appointment for up to an hour.

in my office
Some tips to choose a site
  • Be clear about why you want to buy this property.

  • What is your vision for the site. What are your goals? Writing this down may help. Sometimes words in black and white make you think more.

  • If you think you seem to have connected with a site in a profound way, recheck if it really meets the important criteria that are important to achieve your goals.

  • Water and soil are the two most important factors to shape your decision if the main goal for the site is to grow anything. With the current scenario, if good soil is not available, choose the site which has water. Availability of water should be on the top priority while making a decision to buy a property.

  • Consider how much land you really need. If you are buying more than that, be clear about the reasons.

  • A property near a supportive community is a boon.

  • Consider buying an expensive and smaller parcel if the property fulfills the criteria that you have listed, rather than buying a cheap and large parcel which is not suitable to your needs.