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why this course?

Their online, instructor-led Permaculture Design Certificate helps you successfully employ permaculture philosophies and techniques. Within a collaborative, academically rigorous curriculum, you will complete regenerative landscape projects with intensive instructor feedback and one-on-one interaction to help with every step along the way. You will learn or expand your skills of translating site observations and designs to paper or digital applications such as Power point and Google Slides.


This Permaculture Design Certificate is certified by the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Avail of a discount of 5% on tuition by using the code “JDPerm5%” (case sensitive)

why do i recommend this course?
  • I am one of the readers/instructors on this course and I can easily see that it is the best online PDC one can complete

  • While the curriculum is the standard curriculum as outlined by Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, it is a very intense course. The content provided is way beyond what a standard PDC can provide, the reasons being many.

  • With the online sessions beautifully curated by the instructors, the students have the added benefit of being guided by a dedicated instructor through the ten weeks of the course. These instructors who are experienced permaculture designers and educators, are mentors for the allotted group of students and are available for any guidance needed.

  • The sessions and assignments are so woven together from the beginning of the course that the students are able to have a very functional permaculture design for their chosen site, almost ready for implementation, by the time they complete the certificate course.

Requirements to join the course

• Basic computer and internet skills
• A good reliable internet connection
• An open mind and a strong will to learn!

Please feel free to connect on for any guidance needed…

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