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Imagine learning at a slower pace, over weekends, and short time off your daily schedule, one day at a time, with time to digest, connecting with a global community of like-minded people, exchanging new and old ideas, making new friends, finding support for your project…

That and much more is what a part-time PDC will offer…curious? Read ahead…

If you do get this chance to join in a part-time PDC and learn from experienced teachers and at the same time also have time to share, ask questions and work on your design, it might be a better idea for some, than a residential full-time PDC where the teachers might be crunched for time to complete the curriculum. An ideal PDC curriculum is vast and if the course includes all the topics that it ideally should, believe it or not, a period of 16 days is too short!

Rather than the number of trees you plant, the seeds you sow and the number of percolation pits you dig, a good PDC will be measured by how the course embodies PC ethics and how well the participants are able to relate to the PC principles in their designs and in their lives. While it is fun to do all those hands-on activities, real PDCs are intended to introduce participants to the tools to design and to expose the group to whole-systems thinking that is required to understand the world we live in. This will empower them to build regenerative systems.

A full-time residential PDC surely can be life-changing. However, it can be unaffordable to many- time away from family and work is a luxury only a few can take.

A part-time PDC in a city can-

  • Reduce costs (with options like choosing your own accommodation, carrying food from home) and make the PDC more accessible to more

  • Plenty of time to read, watch the recommended videos, interact online with teachers and peers

  • Enough time to digest the content and ask questions

  • Opportunity to work on more assignments as a practice towards a final design assignment

  • Learn from different guest teachers and by attending more workshops suggested by the teachers and suited to facilitate more learning

If you think this is for you, connect with me to know what’s in store in 2021 and for the first time in Pune!

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