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The workshop orients the participants to Permaculture and Permaculture Design. It introduces the participant to what Permaculture is and isn’t by guiding the participants gently towards the ethics and principles of Permaculture.

The PDF-I workshop is structured to build the foundation for the participant to study further and to explore Permaculture through self-study or by attending courses suitable to his/her needs. It also includes themes of Permaculture design which is discussed in detail with a new perspective which is seldom included in a standard introduction course.

The Permaculture Design Foundation-I is an information-heavy workshop, and also has interesting activities and assignments. It is a pre-requisite to attend any of the courses conducted by Jyoti and will also serve as a strong base for the participants to choose from many available, other long courses like the PDC and learn from other instructors.

This workshop introduces Permaculture as a whole-systems approach to design regenerative human habitats and anyone, irrespective of occupation, age, and the background will benefit and is encouraged to attend.


1. Human systems and Permaculture ethics

2. Principles of Natural systems and Permaculture design

3. Themes of Permaculture design

4. Trees, water and soil – their interactions

5. Guidance for further study – self and through courses/workshops

Activities and assignments will include Building a Connections Mind Map, A-frame – Construction and use seldom included in a typical introductory course.

The curriculum is subject to change. 

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