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Project Nandanvan

For Radha, Pallavi & Anand Dhoot

In the absence of an assured source of water for this one-acre site,  the main focus of the design was rain water harvesting and storage. The beautiful family of the Dhoots wanted a future full-time retreat. For now, they wanted to grow poison-free, nutrient-rich food for themselves and to share/sell. They wanted small farm animals, not only because they were non vegetarians but also because they wanted their little daughter to have the experience of being sensitive to all Nature’s beings, big and small.

With the concept design in hand, Anand and Pallavi have worked hard not only on the implementation of the design but have also successfully made and managed the few changes to the design, necessary over time…they are a lovely family and with hard work and faith are converting their site to be a permaculture paradise!

Here goes the journey...
The site had an orchard
The After Story

A testimonial from Pallavi and Anand encourages me to assist more and more people with what I have learnt, to build their ‘Edens’, while I learn from them all, myself…

When asked what do they do to ensure that the soil remains healthy ensuring abundant crop, Anand says,

“We are trying to retain the health of our soils by using following methods:

  1. Keeping mulch on our raised beds as well as on all areas under cultivation. We are trying to ensure that there is at least 1.5” ~ 2” thick mulch.

  2. To reduce soil erosion we have made swales on contour and as suggested by Jyoti we have also made swales along fruit trees considering their drip line.

  3. For soil enrichment and general better growth of veggies & crops we use jivamrut. We try to water our crops/young fruit trees/veggies with jivamrut at least once a week. Since we have our own source of cow dung & urine, we aim to use jivamrut more frequently. If we could devote some more time & money for simple automations we could totally replace watering with jivamrut. That will be a dream come true.

  4. We are also making our own compost  by  layering of manure with organic matter which is bio mass collected from our own site, from Municipal Corporation as well as from few residential societies. We get half a ton compost in about 4 weeks time. This home made compost is put on our raised bed for soil enrichment.

In case anybody is interested in knowing more about composting etc. or wishes to visit our garden, they are most welcome.  We will be happy to share our experiences.”

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