These pages contain whatever I have read, watched, worked at, experimented with, in the world of permaculture (and otherwise). When I started my permaculture journey, midlife, it took me months and sometimes years to find the needed resources and to connect with people. Most of the time, the knowledge that I yearned for was, right there, under my nose and I couldn’t see it in the jumble, especially on the internet. All I did was that I followed my heart to find my way to move in the positive direction. Whenever my mind was confused, my heart lead the way.

Through these pages, my intention is to provide a ready reference to start a journey for those who have the same dreams as mine. Most of it is practical knowledge about the ways to nurture our mother earth. The pages will develop as I learn more. However, I will also add on the experiences of friends and people who have started their permaculture journey so that we all can learn together.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any recommendations about what you would like to add to the pages.